TaraElla (also spelt Taraella) is a singer-songwriter and an author.


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TaraElla’s 2021 autobiography The TaraElla Story provides a detailed description of the context of her writing and thinking. She describes her context as the…

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Today, I’m going to talk about how to end racism again.

Previously, I have explained quite a few times why I believe critical race theory is very unhelpful in the fight against racism.

I have also spent an episode outlining how our understanding of cognitive biases from empirical psychological…

Let’s face it: Democrats won’t be able to avoid CRT and ‘Wokeness’ in 2022

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In the wake of a disasterous election day across the US for the Democratic Party two weeks ago, there has been deep soul searching as to what went wrong for the Democrats. While there were likely plenty of reasons at play, one reason many people are talking about is the…

And why the real roots of cancel culture could be in neo-Freudian utopianism

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Today, I want to continue my discussion on Herbert Marcuse’s essay Repressive Tolerance, and his general utopian worldview defined around ending the Freudian concept of ‘repression’. Last time, we examined how Marcuse’s work inspired the post-1960s Theory Left to conflate liberation from Freudian repression with liberation from oppression, and…


Author and singer-songwriter. Doing sociology and philosophy by looking at Western politics and culture. Moral Libertarian. https://www.taraella.com

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